Learn Japanese with Anime | YT Live #11

Learn Japanese with Anime

Minasan Ohayō gozaimasu!
Good morning, everyone!

Today’s YouTube Live lesson was Learn Japanese with Anime.
Have you watched Japanese anime before? Do you think the ordinary Japanese people talk like anime characters?
Do you think just watching Anime improves your Japanese skills?

Let’s find it out more!

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Here are the dialogue scripts in the lesson:


Kyoo wa koko made
Today is up to here. =”that’s all for today”.


Ki ga tsukuto, boku wa soko ni tatte ita
When I realized, I was standing there.


Dareka ga boku wo yonde iru
Someone is calling me. 

なぜか そんな気がして 

Nazeka sonnaki ga shite
Somehow I feel like that. 

なーんっつて。たまには ちがう道で帰るのも いいよな 

Naantsutte.Tamani wa chigau michi dekaeruno mo iiyona.
Well well, it’s good to take a different route for going home once in a while. 

ここを ぬけた方が 近かったりするし。

Koko wo nuketa hoo gachikakattari surushi.
Going through this (route) maybe a short cut. 

星が きれいだ なあ。

Hoshi ga kireida naa.
Stars are beautiful. (talking to oneself). 


Uwaa hontoo da. Tte, dare?
Wah.. indeed. ,,well, who? 

お前も 星を見に 来たんだろう? 

Omae mo hoshi wo mini kita n darou?
You came here to see the stars, right?


Kocchi ni koi yo.Minna de miyou ze.
Come here. Let’s view (the stars) together (with us). 


Iiyo. moo osoishi.
No thank you. It’s too late too. 

それに 君、文法まちがってない?2人じゃみんなとは言わないよ。

Soreni kimi, bunpoo machigatte nai? futari ja minna towa iwanai yo.
Well, you’re making mistake on grammar, don’t you? We don’t say “minna” for only two people. 


Iiya, minna sa. kono hakaba no na.
No, “minna (everyone)” is correct. For this cemetery.

Please check the full explanation in the video 🙂
Many expressions and nuances are hard to explain only in the text.

Thank you so much for joining my lesson today!
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Yoi ichinichi o!
(Have a nice day!)