Have you been speaking Japanese lately?

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To master a new language, it’s important to use it every day.

We are committed to helping you speak real Japanese!

Speak Japanese Every Day!
Elevate Your Daily Japanese Learning Journey

The most crucial step in mastering the Japanese language is to use it daily. Our Japanese Online Course offers daily practical learning, helping you significantly enhance your Japanese language skills.

An Online Course Covering Beginners to JLPT N5*

Course Highlights

Daily Video Chat Conversations on WhatsApp

To learn a new language, it is important to use it every day.
In our course, we use WhatsApp to provide you with daily topics to challenge yourself with, giving you opportunities to use Japanese in practical scenarios.

When you enroll in this course, you will be invited to join the
Speak Japanese Every Day WhatsApp group.

Speak Japanese Every Day

The teacher will send you a WhatsApp video message each day with a topic to talk about, and you’ll be encouraged to respond with a video or audio message in Japanese. The teacher will review it and give you feedback each time.

Experience daily Japanese practice with personalized feedback through WhatsApp, and that’s just the beginning!


Unlock daily Japanese conversation with expert corrections! 

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Get Unlimited Access to Premium Video and Audio Lessons

In addition to our WhatsApp practical course, you’ll enjoy boundless access to 200+ video and audio lessons spanning 12 comprehensive courses. These courses cater to learners of all levels, from beginners to those aiming for JLPT N5 proficiency. Tailor your learning journey and enhance your skills at your own pace.

Discover the 12 Courses:

Your Instructor: Kazue Kaneko

Your experienced instructor, with a Master’s in Japanese Applied Linguistics from UNSW and a decade of teaching across the US, Australia, and Singapore, offers comprehensive guidance in grammar, pronunciation, culture, and practical Japanese language skills. She also runs a successful YouTube channel with 50K subscribers for teaching Japanese.

Progress Monitoring and Feedback

We monitor your progress and provide individualized feedback and guidance to support your growth.

Open the Gateway to a New Language!

Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for JLPT N5 proficiency, your Japanese language journey starts here. Discover the joy of language learning and engage with a new culture and community.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you Kazue sensei, for producing such excellent videos in learning the awesome conversational aspect of the Japanese language. Congratulations for taking the initiative and great effort of understanding the learning needs of ‘newbies’, like me.
Having studied Japanese for about 6 months now, I must say that the teaching in these videos has helped me very much in the conversational aspect. In Japanese language schools, they tend to teach the more ‘formal’ Japanese for examination purposes!
lf your goal is learn to hold a basic decent conversation with a Japanese colleague, I believe these videos will serve the initial purpose. There are lots of PRACTICAL examples on how to use and practise conversational Japanese in daily living situations in these videos. The lessons have lots of illustrations for us to practise/test our conversational Japanese REPEATEDLY, as we all know our environment is not truly conducive in learning this awesome language !

The videos are fantastic ‘primer’ and value for money for learning conversational Japanese. I have thoroughly enjoyed it & will continue to do so. These videos are of remarkable quality, concise and really easy to follow. Yes, it takes only about 10 minutes for each video lesson. What I like most are the vivid illustrations in the videos for practices and revisions. The audio is clear and easily comprehensible.

I strongly believe that these videos provide solid grounding for beginners , especially in the area of conversation.

I sincerely hope that Kazue sensei will continue to produce more of such wonderful, interesting and helpful videos.
Best wishes,

Victor Ho (Dr)

It's like having the actual teacher right in front of you

The conversational video course is amazing, it has everything laid out nice and simple and very understandable.

I think is a good and effective way to learn the Japanese language. It starts from the very basic of Japanese language and it works its way up to more advance concepts and Japanese phrases.

I was looking for places online to learn Japanese but every time I found a place it was very disorganized and it didn’t  lay out information very well, also they never started from the very beginning of the Japanese language; but one day I was looking through Japanese courses online and I found Kazue’s course, it was the best thing ever. It’s like having the actual teacher right in front of you teaching you everything step by step. Practicing it every day it’s the best way to improve the skills of speaking it. 

This course works and it was the most helpful, thank you so much Kazue for making these courses.

Mr. Ruddy Jimenez

I really found the right Sensei

Honestly I am looking for a lot of Japanese teachers because I would like to learn a foreign language like more naturally.
Finally I found the Kazue San’s online Japanese Course and I am really happy with that. I feel like I really found the right Sensei.
Thank you so much Kazue Sensei creating the amazing online course.

Ms Zar Zar Aung

You can access to all courses listed here.
For this online course lessons, you can ask questions anytime, unlimitedly through the system, and you’ll get reply within 48 hrs!
Plus, Video & Audio daily communication via WhatsApp Group is available too!
Regular prices for each course are as follows:

Speak Japanese Every Day
~WhatsApp group daily video session~ …$398

Conversational Japanese Video Course …$398

Instant Japanese Audio Course (For traveler to Japan) …$128

Hiragana Video Tutorials + Comprehensive Workbook  …$128

Katakana Video Tutorials + Comprehensive Workbook  … $128

JLPT N5 Master Course ( 25 Vocab picture video lessons + 25 Grammar video lessons) …$598

Basic 150 kanji Course (Animation Kanji writing order + Audio guide for example words & sentences)  …$398

Casual Japanese Audio Course …$98

Kanji on the Street Video Course (100 tutorial videos) …$198

Tips for learning REAL Japanese Videos … and MORE!


All of the above courses are currently available for US$57 per month.
Now you can try it for free for 5 days.
The subscription is automatically renewed. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel it within 5 days.  

Let’s Speak Japanese Every Day!
We’ll Elevate Your Daily Japanese Learning Journey

I’ll tell you again, the most crucial step in mastering the Japanese language is to use it daily.
Our Japanese Online Course offers daily practical learning, helping you significantly enhance your Japanese language skills.

I look forward to embarking on this journey of learning Japanese with you.
Let’s open the door to a new language together!