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Japanese culture

Culture tips

What types of Japanese culture are you interested? Based on your interest, I can take you to the best place for you! Temples, Shrines, Anime stores, etc. Just tell me your request. Cultural and sightseeing tips will be provided during the guided tour, of course! 

Survival Japanese Lessons

Your guide is a professional Japanese teacher over 10 years. Kazue will lectures you a quick practical Japanese and give opportunities to use them during the tour upon request! (*not mandatory!)

Japanese Conversation 1
izakaya tour

Izakaya night tour

Izakaya is a Japanese bar restaurant where you can enjoy food & liquors including Japanese sake! You’ll find Japanese drinking culture & delicious Izakaya food! Still many of Izakaya have only Japanese menus. Kazue will guide you what and how to order, and some eating and drinking etiquettes.

Your Guide, Kazue

Hi everyone! I'm Kazue. Thank you so much for visiting this site and being Fan of my Facebook page! I'll be happy to guide you when you visit Kansai next time! Hope to see you in person.

- Native Japanese grown up in Saitama (near Tokyo) and Kobe (near Osaka).
- Had working experiences in Japan and overseas at various industries
- Lived in the States, Australia and Singapore for 10 years
- Traveled 26 countries
- Taught Japanese at Universities, companies, language schools over 10 years And gave private tutoring.
- Set up own company in Singapore and conducted Japanese business culture seminars at various locations (at companies, University extension course, etc.).
- Currently lives in Kobe and running a Facebook page with over 420,000 fans: Japanese Language & Culture and teaching Japanese at YouTube.

Current hosting places:
– Osaka
– Kobe
– Himeji

And it’s fully customized base at this moment.
Charges will be vary depending on the customization.

Please send me your inquiry!