Let the cute girl travel? ~Introducing Japanese Proverbs, Kotowaza vol.7

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Minasan Ohayō gozaimasu!
Can you guess what does “Let the cute girl travel” mean?

Let’s find it now!
I’ll show you 5 Japanese proverbs in this blog. Let’s get started!

Introducing 5 Japanese proverbs, vol.7 Video


(けいぞくは ちからなり)

Romaji: keizoku wa chikara nari

Word: keizoku (継続)= continuation,   chikara (力)=power

Direct translation: Continuation is the power

Equivalent English expressions: Continuity is the father of success.  Practice makes perfect.

Example: A: Am I doing really ok? I can’t feel progress.
B: Don’t worry! even a little progress, if you continue step by step, you’ll make a great success in the end. “keizoku wa chikara nari” dayo



Romaji: sumeba miyako

Word: sumu (住む)= live,  miyako (都) =capital; metropolis

Direct translation: Wherever you live, that’s the place of your cozy home.

Equivalent English expressions: Home is where you can make it.

Example: I’m afraid if I can live here comfortably…  B: Don’t worry, I’m sure you will. They say “sumeba miyako”, desho? 



Romaji: nakittura ni hachi

Word: naku (泣く)= cry,   tsura (面)=face,    hachi (蜂)= bee

Direct translation:  Bee on a crying face

Equivalent English expressions: To add insult to injury.   Misfortunes never come alone.  One misfortune rides upon another’s back.

Example: I lost my wallet. Then now I realized that I lost my phone too. This is the situation of “nakittura ni hachi“…


(したしき なかにも れいぎあり)

Romaji: shitashiki naka nimo reigi ari

Word: shitashii (親しい)= close, friendly,   naka()=relationship,     reigi (礼儀)= etiquette; courtesy

Direct translation: Even between close friends, politeness exists.

Equivalent English expressions: Good manners even between good friends.  Good fences make good neighbors.  A hedge between keeps friendship green.

Example: Why did you come to my home suddenly without any call or message? We’re friend but I think it’s rude. “shitashiki naka nimo reigi ari” dayo.


(かわいいこには たびをさせよ)

Romaji: kawaii ko niwa tabi o saseyo

Word: kawaii (可愛い)=adorable, cute,    ko (子)=child,    tabi (旅) = travel

Direct translation: Let the cute girl travel

Meaning: If you love your child, send her/him on a journey.  Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Example: A: my son wants to go to study abroad. But I’m afraid if anything happen to him..
B: Understand. well, but if you wish his growth, you better let him go and explore the different world. That’s good for him. “kawaii ko niwa tabi o saseyo” dayo.


How was it? Dō deshita ka?
Do you have your favorite Kotowaza?
Hope you enjoyed the 5 Japanese proverbs introduced this time!


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