Fuji-san will be a UNESCO world heritage site!

Fuji-san UNESCO

Fuji-san UNESCO

Mt Fuji will be inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site next month.

UNESCO’s advisory body ICOMOS investigated Mt Fuji during Aug to Sep last year and finally recommended this place as a world’s cultural heritage site on 30 Apr 2013.

10 years ago, Japan wanted Mt Fuji to be registered as a world natural heritage site, but failed in domestic selection due to environmental problem (trashes in base of the mountain). This time, Mt Fuji applied for world’s cultural heritage.

Japanese government will review the maintenance plan for this mountain by 2016.

In order to keep this magnificent Fuji-san clean and beautiful, they may charge small entrance fee and toilet use, etc., please be kindly understand it.

So glad that now it’s World’s Mt Fuji, not only Japan’s Mt.Fuji. 🙂

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