Japanese Course

Followings are what you can learn here. All contents are free!

Basic Japanese

Japanese at a glance. Greeting, Grammar, pronunciation, Japanese letters, etc. You'll understand what is basic Japanese all about.

Conversation Japanese

The most concise, easy-to-follow practical Japanese video lessons. Thirty lessons of ten minutes each will give you complete knowledge of basic Japanese conversation. A teacher talks to you and asks you many questions. This video course actually makes you talk!


Let’s learn Japanese letters, Hiragana! Shows you how to write in Hiragana with step-by-step tutorial videos with complete Hiragana workbook. Introduces an extensive vocabulary with over 100 items, including characters and phrases.


Let’s learn Japanese letters, Katakana! Shows you how to write in Katakana with a step-by-step tutorial video with complete Katakana workbook. Introduces an extensive vocabulary with over 150 items, including characters and phrases.


Knowledge of Kanji is an important part of reading Japanese. Teaches you how to write in Kanji step-by-step with animation while learning correct pronunciation and meaning of each Kanji. 150 Kanji are introduced and you can prepare for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5. Very practical Kanji Lessons.

Casual Japanese

Would you like to know how Japanese people talk outside formal situations? Let's learn Japanese slang & casual phrases, and make new Japanese friends!

Instant Japanese

Would you like to learn Japanese quickly as possible? Here is the most concise way to learn Japanese. All grammar and phrases you'll find in this course are concise and essential. Anyone can learn Japanese quickly and logically in this course.


The Secret World of the Maiko

Most people do not really know Geishas beyond their elaborate kimonos. Many can recognize one from a mile away, but…

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