The Most Popular Ohanami Foods

The 2-week-long period in which the cherry blossoms are in bloom is a magical time in Japan. People of all ages gather with their friends, family, and loved ones to do “ohanami” (お花見) which typically means having a picnic beneath the beautiful sakura (さくら) trees. Here is a list of the most common foods and snacks that people can enjoy … Read More

Sakura 2015 in Movie


Sakura, so beautiful. No wonder why Japanese people start a new life (new school year, starting work after graduation, etc. ) in this season.

Sakura season coming soon!


Minasan konnichiwa! 桜の季節がもうすぐやってきますよ! Sakura season is coming soon! This is Sakura photo I took yesterday in front of my house.