Women’s Right in Japan

Representative Ayaka Shiomura was looking to help women with reproductive difficulties as one way of solving the city’s demographic challenge.

But instead of engaging on this important topic, several male representatives verbally attacked her with outrageous sexual slander. This anachronistic chauvinist behavior by our politicians sets the standard for how the public treats women all across Japan.

The LDP holds the majority in the Metropolitan Assembly and is trying to sweep the incident under the carpet. But they’ve started to feel the heat and just yesterday one of the hecklers apologized publicly to Shiomura. But they weren’t alone — if we keep building up pressure, we can urge the assembly to prosecute and demand an official public apology from all hecklers this Wednesday. Sign the petition — as soon as we reach 15,000 signers, Avaaz will deliver our voices directly to the assembly.

Can you spare 5 minutes of your time, and support our public letter to President of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, and other assembly members, to investigate and prosecute the wrongdoers.

No sexist heckles in Tokyo!

We greatly appreciate your efforts and your helpful comments!

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