Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day in Japan

I guess some of you might already know, in Japan, girls give chocolate (or anything, nowadays) to boys customarily. How come from women to men?  I don’t like this because I want to receive!. hehe.. but it seems this custom (Japanese version of valentine’s day) was created by Chocolate company’s marketing strategy. The Mary’s chocolate company’s then president had a friend in Paris and heard that there was a custom exchanging gifts on 14 Feb. Also, he had watched movie “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, and he was impressed with a scene that the woman asked a man for a kiss. Then Japan, 1958, women were very reserved and there was not much chance to confess their love to men. The ex president wanted Japanese women to become more positive to their love. Thus, he made a promo word “Once a year, declaration of love from women to men”

Nowadays, women became pretty much more positive than before. Even some confectionary makers sell “reverse-chocolate”, which is given from men to women. Good idea. I want that. Anyone?

Well, 14 March is a “White day”. Guys, if you receive a gift from ladies, you have to give it back on this day. An orthodox choice is a white chocolate, but it could be anything that makes women happy 🙂

Today, I’ll give some “love words” lesson.

– I like you. すきです。/ すきだ。 suki desu. / suki da. (casual)

– I love you.  あいしてる。  aishiteru.

If you have anyone to confess your love, good luck!