Traveler's Japanese

Welcome to Instant Japanese!

If you’re going to Japan soon, or want to learn Japanese the quickest way, you’re in the right place!

All grammar and phrases you’ll find in this course are concise and essential. The best feature of this course is that this comes with audio so that you can practice speaking phrases. The secret to language learning is to mimic the way native speakers use it. Japanese is not a tone language, though intonation plays an important role when you speak Japanese. Therefore, please repeat the words and sentences out loud, always out loud.

OK, Are you ready?
Let’s take a short journey learning Japanese before you actually visit there!


  1. Japanese at a Glance
  2. On the Street
  3. Shopping
  4. In a Restaurant
  5. At the Station
  6. In a Taxi
  7. Counting Days, Weeks, Month and Year
  8. Making Reservations
  9. At a Hotel
  10. Medical Emergencies
  11. Going Out
  12. Visiting Someone’s House

* iPhone App version of Instant Japanese is named “Traveler’s Japanese”.
Contents are similar but more come in handy while traveling!
iPhone Application: Traveler's Japanese