Japanese Tea ceremony

I had chance to enjoy Japanese tea ceremony in Sankeien (三渓園), Japanese garden park in Yokohama this weekend.

Fee is 500 yen. They serve you maccha tea with Japanese sweets with demonstration. Also, they teach you how to drink and let you make your own tea if there were not many people.
Even for me as a Japanese, it was very precious experience. All other customers were foreigners though. They teach you the manners in English.

If you have chance to visit this garden park, please drop by this tea place. Having maccha tea with sweets in nice ambience with great view is a must try!

抹茶処 Maccha place – you can enjoy Japanese green tea

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

茶菓子 Cha-gashi Cake server with tea

Tea lesson

抹茶 Maccha powder

Water is boiled with this iron pot

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抹茶と和菓子 Maccha and Japanese sweets

抹茶と和菓子 Maccha and Japanese sweets

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