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感謝の言葉 Kansha no kotoba: Appreciation words in Japanese

Japanese Appreciation Words

Have you heard of “Power of appreciation or gratitude”? To receive help from Japanese, showing gratitude in advance works! Let’s learn variety of useful Japanese thank you words! This is YouTube Live lesson on 1 June 2020 – YT Japanese Live Lessons on every Mon & Wed 9am JST. Please turn in if you like 🙂   Here are the words … Read More

L21 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes

Minna no Nihongo L21 Japanese quotation phrases

Minasan Konnichiwa! Kazue desu. Ogenki desuka? This is L21 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes. We’ve learnt Japanese quotation phrases; ~ to omoimasu/iimasu (I think/said “~”) mainly in this lesson. Minna no Nihongo L21 Vocabulary and Grammar Lesson videos: Here are the lesson contents: ① Describe what I think     (わたしは)______と おもいます。 I think____.       (plain form of verb / i-adj … Read More

L18 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes

Minna no Nihongo Japanese Video Lessons on YouTube | Lesson Notes

みなさん、おげんきですか。How are you, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the Minna no Nihongo Lesson18 Videos on YouTube – Vocabulary and Grammar lessons. 🙂 Please check the video again if you missed any. In L18 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes, Dic-form (Jisho-kei 辞書形 in Japanese) of verbs  is explained Here is the Dic-form worksheet. Like Nai-form, you need to know which verbs are … Read More