All About Particles ~Live lesson version~

Japanese particles

Konnichiwa! こんばんは! Today’s YT Live lesson topic was “All About Particles ~Live lesson version~”. Particle is one of the most concerned topics amongst Japanese learners. In this lesson, I introduced  several Japanese particles for the beginners. Let’s check out the particles with the example sentences!

All About Particles | Japanese particles for JLPT N5 explained

all about particles

Minasan Konnichiwa! かずえです。 あけましておめでとうございます!2020年がはじまりました。みなさんいかがお過ごしですか。 A Happy New Year! Year of 2020 has started. How are you doing? 今回のビデオは、助詞についてです。 konkai no video wa joshi ni tsuite desu. Today’s video is about Japanese particles. How many Japanese particles are there? I know many Japanese learner struggle with particles. Particles makes unique about Japanese language. In this video I explained 25 different particles … Read More