Introducing Japanese Proverbs, Kotowaza vol.2

ishi no ue nimo sannen

Minasan konnichiwa! saikin kyuu ni samuku narimashita. mō aki desu ne. 最近急に寒くなりました。もう秋ですね。 Suddenly it’s getting cold lately. It seems already autumn here. Kinou, “awaji hana sajiki” to iu ohanabatake e ikimashita yo. kosumosu ga totemo kiree deshita yo. 昨日、あわじ花さじきというお花畑へ行きましたよ。コスモスがとてもきれいでした。 I went to a flower field called Awaji hana sajiki. Cosmos flowers were so beautiful. Ok, let’s learn Japanese Proverbs, Kotowaza!  … Read More

Introducing Japanese Proverbs, Kotowaza vol.1

ishibashii o tataite wataru

Following from the previous “10 Famous Japanese Proverbs”, I’ll continue to introduce 5 Japanese proverbs each time 🙂 This time, I’ll show you these five. All are very popular for us Japanese. 😉

How To Speak Casual Japanese ~7 slang expressions

When you speak casual English to friends, you don’t use perfect grammar and full sentences like you would when writing a paper, correct? Japanese is the same way. When speaking conversational Japanese, people rarely use the exact words and long phrases that you’d find in a textbook. Here is a 5-minute mini lesson to help you speak Casual Japanese.

All About Particles ~Live lesson version~

Japanese particles

Konnichiwa! こんばんは! Today’s YT Live lesson topic was “All About Particles ~Live lesson version~”. Particle is one of the most concerned topics amongst Japanese learners. In this lesson, I introduced  several Japanese particles for the beginners. Let’s check out the particles with the example sentences!