Thank you Kazue sensei, for producing such excellent videos in learning the awesome conversational aspect of the Japanese language. Congratulations for taking the initiative and great effort of understanding the learning needs of ‘newbies’, like me.

Having studied Japanese for about 6 months now, I must say that the teaching in these videos has helped me very much in the conversational aspect. In Japanese language schools, they tend to teach the more ‘formal’ Japanese for examination purposes! lf your goal is learn to hold a basic decent conversation with a Japanese colleague, I believe these videos will serve the initial purpose. There are lots of PRACTICAL examples on how to use and practise conversational Japanese in daily living situations in these videos. The lessons have lots of illustrations for us to practise/test our conversational Japanese REPEATEDLY, as we all know our environment is not truly conducive in learning this awesome language !

The videos are fantastic ‘primer’ and value for money for learning conversational Japanese. I have thoroughly enjoyed it & will continue to do so. These videos are of remarkable quality, concise and really easy to follow. Yes, it takes only about 10 minutes for each video lesson. What I like most are the vivid illustrations in the videos for practices and revisions. The audio is clear and easily comprehensible.

I strongly believe that these videos provide solid grounding for beginners , especially in the area of conversation.
I sincerely hope that Kazue sensei will continue to produce more of such wonderful, interesting and helpful videos.


Kazue san,

I want to say I’ve never endorsed a product before but I can truly say that your Japanese Conversational Video is one of the best Japanese learning programs around.

I downloaded and started using your program the same night and I totally love it.
Your program makes learning Japanese fast and easy. The lessons were easy to follow and I amazed my family and friends with what I’ve learned.

So I personally can say if you really want to learn Japanese I highly recommend Japanese Conversational Video. It beats any other Japanese Language Programs on the market now.


Kazue san,

Just wanted to let you know that I completed your course. I truly enjoyed your course very much. I never thought that Japanese was that easy to learn. It’s truly easy if you want to learn like I did. I still have along way to go, but you can bet if it wasn’t your video course, I would still be nowhere. Your course is amazing and if you come out with another course, I’ll be purchasing that too. Your a great sensei and I Thank you very much for all you did for me.


Konbanwa, Kazue san.

The lessons are great, I liked them very much, thank you!
Today I started the 2nd lesson, it’s a little bit more difficult, but it’s easier than all the courses that I saw before. Now I can see differences and similarities between Japanese and Russian languages, it helps a lot.
For tomorrow I’ll do my best!
Thank you so much!

dewa mata ashita!


1398608888_man The conversational video course is amazing, it has everything laid out nice and simple and very understandable.

I think is a good and effective way to learn the Japanese language. It starts from the very basic of Japanese language and it works its way up to more advance concepts and Japanese phrases.

I was looking for places online to learn Japanese but every time I found a place it was very disorganized and it didn’t lay out information very well, also they never started from the very beginning of the Japanese language; but one day I was looking through Japanese courses online and I found Kazue’s course, it was the best thing ever. It’s like having the actual teacher right in front of you teaching you everything step by step. Practicing it every day it’s the best way to improve the skills of speaking it.

This course works and it was the most helpful, thank you so much Kazue for making these courses.


1398608888_manComplete Hiragana & Katakana Course

I thought the lessons were amazing, everything was laid down nice and clean, and I had fun while learning Japanese, specially reading and having the audio file to go with it too, and the pictures helped, sugoi. I think the material is well set up and that if other people see it they will like it too. I will definitely recommend my friends to your website. it was great, Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasu.