Sakurajima, the active volcano and a Shrine gate which cannot pass under

Ohayooo gozaimasu!
Today’s photo is Sakurajima and a shrine gate which cannot pass under. (photo:
Sakurajima locates at Kagoshima prefecture in Kyuushuu.

maibotsu torii

kurokami maibotsu torii

torii 2

The lava flows of the 1914 eruption caused the former island to be connected with the Osumi Peninsula. Due to this eruption, the Trii (Shrine gate) submerged 2m, and it now called “kurokami maibotsu torii” -black God submerged shrine gate.

“The volcanic activity still continues, dropping large amounts of volcanic ash on the surroundings. Earlier eruptions built the white sands highlands in the region.

Sakurajima’s activity became more prominent in 1955, and the volcano has been erupting almost constantly ever since. Thousands of small explosions occur each year, throwing ash to heights of up to a few kilometers above the mountain. ” –wikipedia

Although the volcano is active and better not to approach too close, sightseeing to this place is available by ferry and still the famous sightseeing spot.

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