Sakura season has arrived! How do the Japanese enjoy it?

Sakura (cherry-blossom) season has arrived finally 🙂
You can view full of Sakura in many places in Japan now.
This year’s Sakura bloom was a bit slower than usual by few days.
So it’s been long waited!!

Ah Sakura, sakura..

Here, let me introduce you how Japanese enjoy Sakura watching.

Get the best spot

When we hold a Hanami (flower viewing feast), one or two people from a group will have a duty to find the best spot and reserve it by spreading picnic sheets under the Sakura trees.
We call it “basho tori” (場所取り).

 Bring bento (lunch/dinner box) and Sake

I cannot imagine Sakura viewing feast without Bento and Sake!
Either you prepare at home or buy at convenience store or supermarket.
You’ll feel heavenly eating delicious food and drinking sake/beer while watching magnificent Sakura..
Feel the picnic! 🙂

Keep yourself warm

In April, we still have cold days sometimes especially in the evening.
So please bring warm clothes or blanket to keep yourself warm.
Bringing Kairo (カイロ:disposable pocket heater) maybe recommended.

Yozakura (夜桜: Sakura at night) is good too!

There are many Sakura viewing spots with illumination at night.
You can also enjoy another face of sakura, fascinating look.
Surely, you’ll be mesmerized. 😉


Haven’t get ticket to Japan yet?  You can still catch up!

As you might know, blooming timing of cherry blossom is depending on the area, usually move from south to north.
One of the famous sakura spot in the north is Hirosaki Castle Park located in Aomori prefecture, and his place has approximately 2,600 sakura trees.
According to Sakura forecast, the sakura in this park will start to bloom on 22 April and full bloom on 27 April.

“After the blossoms fall,  superb view left on the moat, covered with the full of fallen petals. The entire surface of the moat turns pink for several days from early to mid-May.”
Here is the information on Hirosaki park.

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– Kazue


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