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ruriko-in temple stunning views

Have you been to Ruriko-in Temple, which has become a hot topic on social media in recent years?
Jōdo Shinshu temple in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Ruriko-in is famous for the superb photo of the seasonal scenery seen from a room, reflected on a shiny table.

Video: Walkthrough Ruriko-in, a temple with stunning views

In this blog, I would like to introduce Ruriko-in, which I visited recently!
This temple has many spectacular viewpoints and photo spots.

Sanmon 山門, the entrance gate. It is very quaint.

ruriko-in temple stunning views sanmon gate

After walking through the gate and pay for the entrance fee (¥2,000),  beautiful reddish autumn leaves welcome you from the above.

A little further on, colorful Nishikigoi carp are standing. Nearby is the Takano River, a clear stream with very high transparency.
The koi here must be enjoying the clean water of the Takano River.

ruriko-in temple stunning views koi

After crossing a small stone bridge over a pond with carp, you will come to the entrance of the building.
At the entrance, the staff gives you a plastic bag to keep your shoes and a bag with brochure of Ruriko-in. Then we proceed to the second floor.

Now here we came. breathtaking view!

ruriko-in temple stunning views

Well, this is how we take the photo!

ruriko-in temple stunning views

Rurikoin’s Pilgrimage History

Although the temple is named after a temple, the building is built like a villa of a wealthy family. This is because the land was originally a private residence owned by a businessman and politician named Gentarō Tanaka (1853 – 1922).

ruriko-in temple stunning views tokonoma

After Mr. Tanaka’s death, the land became the private villa of an executive of Kyoto Dentō, and the buildings and gardens seen today were created by a famous landscape architect from the late Taishō Period to the Shōwa Period. After that, this place was operated as a luxury cuisine Ryokan (Japanese inn) “Kizurutei”, and then acquired by Kōmyō-ji Temple. The main hall was installed, temple treasures were transferred from Kōmyōji, and the building was converted to a temple in 2005.

ruriko-in temple stunning views 2

The temple used to be closed to the public for the protection of cultural assets, but since 2015 it has been open to the public on a seasonal basis. Since then, the temple has gained popularity through social media posts and is now a very famous tourist spot. There are three special viewing periods: spring (mid-April to mid-June), summer (mid-July to mid-August), and fall (early October to early December).

ruriko-in temple stunning views 6

Copying of a sutra

The bag you receive at the entrance contains information about Rurikō-in as well as sutra sheets and a ballpoint pen. After viewing the spectacular view on the second floor, there is a space next to it where you can calm your mind and do sutra-copying. ruriko-in temple copying sutra

This sutra copying is not mandatory, but you are welcome to do so if you wish. There is a space to write your wish on the left side of the sutra sheet. The paper is collected in front of the Buddhist hall on the first floor.

ruriko-in temple stunning views moss garden

ruriko-in temple stunning views 5

ruriko-in temple stunning views 1

Surrounding Scenerry

Takano river 高野川 running just next to the ruriko-in temple. It’s so clear and refreshing.

takano river ruriko-in temple stunning views nearby

There is also a tea shop nearby. They sold onigiri (rice balls), pork miso soup, oshiruko (sweet red bean soup), etc.

ruriko-in temple stunning views cafe

Salted grilled river fish also looks delicious.

ruriko-in temple stunning views cafe fish

ruriko-in temple stunning views cable station

Eizan Cable Car station YASE 八瀬

ruriko-in temple stunning views yase station

Viewing Eizan Electric Railway Eizanhonsen Line Yase-Hieizan-guchi Station

ruriko-in temple stunning views yase station eizan tendetsu

Yase-Hieizan-guchi Station


  • Eizan Electric Railway Eizanhonsen Line Yase-Hieizan-guchi Station, 5 min. walk.
  • Eizan Cable: 5 minute walk from Cable Yase Station.
  • 7 minutes walk from Kyoto Bus Yase Ekimae stop.

Google Maps:

ruriko-in temple stunning views information map

ruriko-in temple stunning views information

There are several temples and shrines in the area. If you have time, why not visit them as well? 🙂
We visited Rengeji 蓮華寺 and Nyan-Nyan-ji 猫猫寺 Museum (cat themed museum) too.

Official Website & Booking Site

Here is the Ruriko-in official website: (English, Chinese and Korean language are available too)

Booking site (in Japanese Language only)


Thank you so much for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed it!
– Kazue
rurikoin kazue

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