Taue (田植え) Rice planting season

Ohayoo gozaimasu!
It’s June already. We entered rice planting season in Japan.
Today’s photo is Rice paddy, planting scenery.

taue 田植え rice planting

You can see this kind of scenery all over Japan but in country side.
Actually I did this as an “agricultural experience” the day before yesterday in Kamo, Kyoto.
(I’m sorry, I brought a camera but forgot a memory card! so no photo..)

We grow rice plants from seeds in separate place until they become 15-20cm height.
Then, we plant them in rice paddy using machine. (but long time ago, like 50 years or older, we plant them by hands)
However, some spots where machine couldn’t fill, we plant by hands. I helped it last time)

We expect rainy season in June (mid-end), which is important and necessary for rice growing.
Rainy season timing is depending on the regions in Japan. I heard Okinawa already entered rainy season.
Rainy season we called it Tsuyu (梅雨)in Japanese.

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