• Want to quickly & efficiently learn natural Japanese?
  • Coming to Japan soon?
  • Need to to improve your Japanese skills?
  • No Japanese school nearby? 

Are you looking for a private Japanese tutor online? Want to learn Japanese at your own pace? 

First, let me know your goals and objectives for learning Japanese, then I will create a learning schedule just for you. The first lesson includes a consultation of your learning plan.

I offer customized private Japanese lessons. If you have your own Japanese textbook, we can use it! If you don’t have one, I can recommend the best one for you, or we can proceed into lessons without a textbook. 


Hello! My name is Kazue.

My passion is teaching. I have a Masters degree in Japanese Applied Linguistics and I taught Japanese for 10 years in the US, Australia and Singapore at various institutions; Universities, language schools, vocational schools and private tutoring. I also conducted Japanese business culture seminars in English for companies expanding their business in Japan or have relationships with Japanese companies, as well as for people who were working at Japanese companies overseas. 

I believe acquiring a new language is not only about the language itself, but it is important to also understand the culture behind the language. Besides teaching Japanese, I have over 10 years of business experience in Japan in sales, language education, system training and pharmaceutical industries. Based on my experience, I believe I would be able to offer quality Japanese lessons that are customized for your needs.  

My company manages the Facebook page: Japanese Language & Culture. Please like and follow if you like 🙂 You can also watch some sample teaching videos of my Udemy lessons.

I will begin offering private online tutoring in August 2019 using Zoom or Skype. If you’re not familiar with these systems, I’ll guide you at the beginning of the lesson. You can also refer to the below guide videos. 

What is Zoom?

Zoom allows us to share PC screens and use a whiteboard and other interactive communication tools. This system is well-suited for language training. Using the whiteboard feature, I can show you typed Japanese as well as handwritten Japanese using a pen tablet. You can also record the entire lesson and review it later. We can use Skype too, but Zoom is recommended. Creating a Zoom account and doing one-to-one system use (their basic plan) are completely free.  

Your First Lesson

The first lesson is 50 minutes including the first 20 minutes of consultation. Along with our conversation, Kazue will ask you about your current Japanese level and your goal. Kazue will lead the conversation, but you can also ask questions about anything you come up with. Kazue will suggest the best possible learning plan for you.

How to Book a Lesson

  1. Please create your Zoom account and make sure to download the app as well.
    If you prefer Skype, you can skip this process.
  2. Please send your lesson request. You’ll be receiving a message shortly. 

Please send your lesson request with below form.