I have only 1 month to learn Japanese before going to Japan. Where to begin?
If you’re going to Japan as a visitor, please start with “Traveler’s Japanese”. Once you’ve finished it and still have time, please go through Conversational Japanese Video Course.

I’m a beginner. Where to begin?
If you plan to learn Japanese Academically or interested in Writing/Reading Japanese as well, please follow this procedure:

  1. Study “Hiragana” and “Katakana” first.
  2. Then go through “Conversational Japanese”(video course) along with Power Point Document of Hiragana version.
  3. Simultaneously, you can practice with “Tutoring Japanese” and “Traveler’s Japanese”. (Optional)
  4. Then, study “Kanji” and “Anime de Nihongo (if you like)”
If you want to learn Conversational Japanese only,

  1. Start with “Conversational Japanese” (video course)
  2. Then, you can learn any other courses you like.
If you plan to visit Japan soon,

  1. Start with “Traveler’s Japanese”
  2. If you still have time, please go through “Conversational Japanese” (video course)


I love watching Anime. I am quite lazy and I don’t want to spend so much money and time to learn Japanese. Can I just watch Anime and learn Japanese?
A: It is always good idea to learn basic Japanese first before trying to pick up some from Anime. Japanese used in Anime is quite unique and different from the ones Japanese use in a real world. Having said that though, watching Japanese anime and drama helps a lot on your listening skills. I highly recommend you to learn basic Japanese first (–> Conversational Japanese) before trying to pick up language in Anime.

Should I learn Japanese letters in order to be able to speak Japanese?
A: It’s not necessary but I recommend you to learn Hiragana and Katakana first. This is because you can be skilled at intermediate Japanese more quickly after some time that you’ve taken these courses.

Can I download the audio and videos?
You can download audio and videos from pretty much any kind of device, (PC, iPhone, Android, PDA, etc.)
However for some videos you may need to register with your email account/Facebook Account in order to watch/download the content.