L14 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes

Minna no Nihongo Lesson 14 Grammar

みなさん こんにちは!かずえです。おげんきですか?
Hello everyone, I’m Kazue. How are you? This is L14 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes.

I just did YouTube lesson live (minna no Nihongo Lesson 14 Grammar) for the first time.
Please check the Vocabulary and Grammar lesson videos below if you missed watching them! 🙂

This Lesson 14 is very important lesson as Japanese verb Te-form is explained. Using this te-form, you’ll be able to express many things in Japanese such as making request, telling current situation, asking permission, etc.

ライブレッスンはどうでしたか? How was it?
– おもしろかったですか? Was it interesting?
– むずかしかったですか?  Was it difficult?
– やさしかったですか?   Was it easy?

So you’ve learnt followings in this lesson:

1. Verb conjugation: te-form (Verb1, 2 and 3 (irregular))
You need to know each verb word’s verb type.
I prepared te-form worksheet. Please download it from here! Te-form Verb
You’ve learnt Te-form song in the Live lesson video 🙂
Te-form worksheetをつかって、れんしゅうしてくださいね。Please practice with verb te-form worksheet 🙂

Making requests: 〜てください。
e.g.いそいでください。Please hurry up.
日本語のべんきょうをしてください。Please study Japanese.
ここに なまえを かいてください。Please write your name here.

3. Progressive form: 〜ています。Expressing the current situation.
e.g.  ミラーさんはジョンさんとはなしています。Mr. Miller is talking to Mr. John.
いま、べんきょうしています。 Now I’m studying.
きのう、ともだちと テニスをしていました。I was playing tennis with my friends yesterday.

4. Offering help. 〜ましょうか。(verb without ます)+ましょうか。
e.g. でんきを つけましょうか。 Shall I turn on the light?
あついですね。まどをあけましょうか。It’s hot isn’t it? Shall I open the windows?
えきへ むかえに いきましょうか。Shall I pick you up at the station?

If you have any questions, please write it in the YouTube video comment section!

If you think it’s difficult, please go back to my previous lessons and review.
Especially L14 Grammar (Te-form) is very important -> https://youtu.be/4k6xLdW1sfg

Here is the playlist of Minna no Nihongo series (All lessons for Vocab & Grammar)

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