Legal shoplifting experience!? Lawson GO, new cashier-less Conbini opens 


On October 11, Lawson, a major convenience store chain, announced the opening of Lawson GO, a store introducing “walk-through payment,” which allows customers to make payments without going through a cash register while holding merchandise. The Lawson Go MS GARDEN store, located in the Mitsubishi Foods headquarters, began operation on the same day.


Lawson GO is a technology that allows customers to enter a store by holding up a QR code with a registered dedicated app, and when they exit the store with an item in their hands, they can automatically pay for it using a pre-defined payment method without going through a cash register. By using cameras installed inside the store to confirm the customer’s movements and combining them with weight sensors on shelves where products are placed, the AI determines which product and how many are in the customer’s hand, and the payment is automatically made when the customer leaves the store.

At the “Lawson GO MS GARDEN” store, store employees will be responsible for placing items out of the store, but will not be responsible for the cash register. The company plans to test store operations by adding a self-checkout system as a new payment method other than the app in anticipation of future expansion of “Lawson Go”.

The store is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and has a sales floor area of 11.3 square meters. The store will carry approximately 170 items, mainly rice dishes, desserts, and beverages.


How to use

1. Download the dedicated application in advance.

 Register as a user using your Apple ID, Google account, or LINE account.   

   Register the credit card to be used for payment.

2. Enter the store by holding up the QR code on the app at the entrance

3. Pick up the items you wish to purchase.

4. Leave the store as you are.

When you exit the store, the payment is automatically made with your pre-registered credit card. The receipt is displayed on the app.

LawsonGoLawson Go App

Lawson developed Lawson GO, a walk-through payment system, to meet the needs of customers who want to make purchases in the shortest amount of time at stores inside offices and hotels, etc. Lawson started a demonstration test of Lawson Go at the Lawson Fujitsu Shin-Kawasaki TS Cashless Store in February 2020, however, with the Corona disaster, the new rollout was put on hold due to the decrease in people flow in the office as a result of remote work.

With the recent recovery of human flow, the company started the Lawson GO experiment at the Mitsubishi Foods headquarters. The company believes that this will lead to improved convenience for those who find shopping inconvenient in office areas where restaurants and stores have been reduced as the number of people coming to work has increased.


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