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みなさん、おげんきですか。How are you, everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the Minna no Nihongo Lesson18 Videos on YouTube – Vocabulary and Grammar lessons. 🙂 Please check the video again if you missed any. In L18 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes, Dic-form (Jisho-kei 辞書形 in Japanese) of verbs  is explained

Here is the Dic-form worksheet. Like Nai-form, you need to know which verbs are categorized to which type of verbs (verb1, 2 or 3 (irregular)). Please download the Dic-form Verb worksheet and practice! 🙂

Here are the Grammar contents we learnt in this Lesson18.

Dic.form of verb(じしょ形):

  • Verb3: きます→くる します→ する
  • Verb2:  たべます→ たべ  おきます→ おき
    (For Verb2, you need to know what verbs are categorized as Verb2. Please check the Worksheet)
  • Verb1: のます→ の     ます→ い   ます→ す
     (For Verb1 conjugation from masu-form to dic-form, change the character before “masu” from i-column  to u-column. Please check the worksheet and watch the Grammar video.)

Expressing ability:  〜 できます。
 Noun: (noun) できます  – Verb: (じしょ形)ことが できます

  • コンビニで コピーができます。You can make a copy at convenience store.
  • コンビニで コピーをすることが できます。You can make a copy at convenience store.
  • やまださんは ピアノを ひくことができます。Mr. Yamada can play the piano.

My/Someone’s hobby is.. -(noun)です。/ -(verb じしょ形)こと です。

  • わたしの しゅみは しゃしんです。My hobby is photography.
  • さとうさんのしゅみは しゃしんをとることです。Sato-san’s hobby is taking photos.

Before 〜 : -(noun)のまえに、〜 / -(verb じしょ形)まえに、

  • しょくじのまえに、てをあらいます。I wash my hands before meal.
  • 10ねんまえに、にほんへきました。 I came to Japan 10 years ago.
    * For years, weeks, days (numbers), no need to add “の” before mae.
  • テレビを みるまえに べんきょうします。I study before watching TV.

There are only two verbs for Verb3 (aka irregular verbs): きます and します.
Other verbs are categorized either Verb1 or Verb2. Please download Dic-form Verb worksheet and find it out.


If you think it’s difficult, please go back to my previous lessons and review.

Here is the playlist of Minna no Nihongo series (All lessons for Vocab & Grammar)

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Hope you enjoy this Minna no Nihongo Lesson18 Lesson Notes

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