L17 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes

Minna no Nihongo Vocabulary Lesson Video (YouTube)

みなさんこんにちは! Hello everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the Minna no Nihongo Lesson17 Videos on YouTube. I did video lesson for Vocabulary and Live lesson for Grammar 🙂 Please check the video again if you missed any.

Here is the Nai-form worksheet. Like Te-form, you need to know which verbs are categorized to which type of verbs (verb1, 2 or 3 (irregular)). Please download the Nai-form Verb worksheet and practice! 🙂

Here are the Grammar contents we learnt in this Lesson

ない form of verb:

Verb3: きます→こない します→ しない
Verb2:  たべます→ たべない  おきます→ おきない
Verb1: のます→ のない      ます→ いない 
   ます→ すない

There are only two verbs for Verb3 (aka irregular verbs): きます and します.
Other verbs are categorized either Verb1 or Verb2. Please download Nai-form Verb worksheet and find it out.

Making negative request:  ないform + でください。
e.g.   こないでください。Please do not come.

テレビを みないでください。Please do not watch TV.

たばこを すわないでください。Please do not smoke cigarette.
“Must/Have to” sentence: (ないform-ない)+なければなりません 

e.g. べんきょうなければなりません。I have to study.

くすりを のまなければなりません。I have to take medicines

“No need to do~” sentence: (ないform-ない)+なくてもいいです

e.g. あした なくてもいいです。You don’t need to come tomorrow.

ぜんぶ たべなくてもいいです。You don’t need to eat all.


If you think it’s difficult, please go back to my previous lessons and review.
Especially L14 Grammar (Te-form) is very important -> https://youtu.be/4k6xLdW1sfg

Here is the playlist of Minna no Nihongo series (All lessons for Vocab & Grammar)

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Hope you enjoy this Minna no Nihongo Lesson17 Lesson Notes

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