Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉 One of the 3 best Hot springs in Japan

Do you know Kusatsu Onsen?

They said Kusatsu Onesen is one of the three best Japan’s hot spring, situated at 1200 meters above sea level in Gunma Prefecture. You can also enjoy this resort area for skiing during winter and hiking in the rest of season.

Why Kusatsu Onsen is so famous?

This hot spring is blessed with large volumes of quality water said to cure all illness but lovesickness. The temperature of this original hot spring is very high (50-90℃) and too hot to take bath as it is, that’s why this Yubatake 湯畑 –hot spring field was made to cool the hot water down to the right temperature (40-43℃).

Performance you can see in Kusatsu

      yumomi 湯もみ

They also have Yumomi 湯もみ method to cool down the hot water. They have this Yumomi performance show at Netsunoyu 熱乃湯 hall every day during summer season. (entrance fee: ¥600 You can try this Yumomi too). They invite you to join this Yumomi to try it out too.