1. Introduction
Complete Katakana Workbooks with Video Tutorials

Katakana Course
Basically, Katakana and Hiragana charts are correspondent to each other. There are 46 basic Katakana, 25 Daku-on, 33 contracted sounds and some special combinations of Katakana to describe foreign words.

For example, TV (terebi) and radio (rajio). In casual writing, Katakana is used when the meaning is emphasized (you’ll see many Katakana in comics). Also katakana is used for a variety of “onomatopoeia – sounds and emotional word” in Japanese. (e.g. “doki-doki” to represent a fast heart beat)

Hiragana and Katakana

Complete Katakana Workbook & Video Tutorials

  • Over 40 pages of worksheets, detailed explanation and exercises
  • Step-by-step writing stroke order for each character
  • Accompanied with tutorial videos (about 60 min. in total)
  • Over 150 vocabularies are introduced
  • Very effective Katakana Flash Cards & Flashcard Videos
  • Identify common mistakes for new learners
  • Shows you how to identify similar looking characters
  • Pronunciation guides for special usage of certain characters
  • Exercises to reinforce your new Hiragana & Katakana skills accompanied with audio (mp3)
  • Real Japanese signboards to practice your new skills
  • Shows you how to type Katakana on a computer