2. Complete Katakana Workbook -How to Use

This Complete Katakana Workbook covers all you need for Katakana self-study. With this workbook and accompanied step-by-step video instruction, you’ll be able to read and write Katakana and get a good sense of how loanwords are pronounced in Japanese. At the same time, you’ll also learn over 100 Katakana words and expressions throughout this workbook. With the knowledge of Katakana you gain from this workbook, you’ll be able to begin reading words everywhere around you in Japan –in signs and advertisements, as well as in manga (comic), magazines and other media.

To make the most of your study, I recommend you go through each lesson in the same order as this workbook.

  • Step 1
    Print out this Katakana Workbook
  • Step 2
    Look at the Katakana Chart (p4) and grasp the total picture of Katakana
  • Step 3
    Watch the tutorial videos and practise writing and pronouncing each Katakana letter. Do exercise accordingly.
  • Step 4
    Play with Flashcards and watch Flashcard videos every day

Please click in the following to download Complete Katakana Workbook.

Download Katakana Workbook

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