Kanji On the Street Actual Version #3 ~Walking street in Beppu

beppu Kanji on the street

Introducing Japanese signboard from outside, the actual field. 🙂
This time from Beppu, famous Onsen town (hot spring town) in Oita prefecture!

Video: Kanji on the Real Street #3 ~Beppu Onsen Town~

Kanji introduced this time

湯冷滝 ゆれいだき

Reading: Yuredakii
Meaning: Waterfall to cool down hot water

湯: ゆ yu – how water
冷: レイ rei  – cool (temperature)
滝: たき/だき taki/daki – waterfall

飲泉場  いんせんば 

Reading: insenba
Meaning: drinking hot spring place

飲: イン in – drink (<- 飲む nomu – to drink)
泉: セン sen – spring (<- 温泉 onsen – hot spring)
場 バ  ba – place (<- 場所 basho – place)

一休 ひとやすみ

Reading: hitoyasumi
Meaning: short break 

一: ひと hito – one (<- 一つ hitotsu – one (Japanese counter: one, two, three… )
休: やすみ  yasumi – rest 

休業 きゅうぎょう

Reading: kyūgyō
Meaning: business closed (not in business)

休: キュウ kyū – absent (<- 休 yasumi / 休み yasumi – rest)
業: ギョウ gyō – business 

足湯  あしゆ

Reading: ashiyu
Meaning: foot bath

足: あし ashi – foot
湯: ゆ yu – hot water

旅館 りょかん

Reading: ryokan
Meaning:  Japanese inn

旅: リョ ryo – travel (たび tabi in Kun-yomi)
館: カン kan – building, hall (やかた yakata in Kun-yomi)

入浴 にゅうよく

Reading: nyūyoku
Meaning:  taking a bath

入: ニュウ nyū – enter (入る hairu – to enter)
浴: ヨク yoku – bath (浴びる abiru – to bathe)

有料 ゆうりょう

Reading: yūryō
Meaning: fee-charging

有: ユウ yū – have, exist
料: リョウ ryō – charge (<-> 無料 muryō – free of charge)

散歩 さんぽ

Reading: sanpo
Meaning: taking a walk

散: サン san – scatted
歩: ポ po – walk (<- 歩く aruku – to walk)


I hope you enjoyed お散歩 Kanji on the street!
See you again! またね!

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