Kanji on the street Actual street ver.1 ~Awaji Highway Oasis~

Hi everyone! 皆さんこんにちは!
Here is the follow-up summary of our Kanji on the street (KOS) Actual street version. vol.1.
We’re at Awaji Highway Oasis.
Below are the Kanji phrases we introduced in the video.

  • ご注意下さい : gochuui kudasai: Please be careful
  • ~下さい(ください)~kudasai: Please~
  • トンビ tonbi : Black kite (smaller than hawk)
  • 食べ物 tabemono: food
  • 狙っています neratteimasu :aiming, hunting -> 狙う nerau : aim at, go for, watch for





  • お客様 okyaku-sama: customer (in honorific way -お is prefix for politeness, -様 is honorific suffix
  • 連れておられる tsurete-orareru (honorific way to say 連れている turete-iru : bringing
  • 糞 fun: poop
  • 飼い主 kainushi : pet owner
  • 責任 sekinin : responsibility -責任をもって sekinin wo motte:  with responsibility
  • 処理 shori: handling, management, treatment
  • お願いします onegai shimasu: please

Hope you enjoyed!
Let us know if you have any question. 🙂

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