Kanji On the Street Actual Version #2 ~Ramen Shop

Kanji on the street Actual Street Version #2 | Ramen shop

Introducing Japanese signboard from outside, the actual field. 🙂
This time, from Ramen noodle shop!

Video: Kanji on the Real Street #2 ~Ramen Shop Menu~

Kanji introduced this time

無料 むりょう

Reading: Muryō
Meaning: Free of charge

無 (mu む) nothing, don’t have 
料 (ryō りょう) charge, fee fare  
<-> Opposite: 有料 (yūryō ゆうりょう)fee-charging

お持ち帰り  おもちかえり 

Reading: omochikaeri
Meaning: To go, take out

持: も (mo-tsu 持つ: bring, hold) 
帰: かえ (kae-ru 帰る: go home)

持ち帰る(mochi kaeru): bring (things) home -verb
お持ち帰り(omochi kaeri): take-out -noun

味玉ラーメン あじたま らーめん

Reading: ajitama rāmen
Meaning: tasty egg ramen

味 (aji あじ): taste
玉 (tama たま) : 玉 from 玉子 ~boiled egg
-> 味玉 savored egg

旨こくトマトラーメン うまこくとまとらーめん

Reading: umakoku tomato rāmen
Meaning: tasty & savored tomato ramen

旨 (uma うま) 
旨い (umai うまい)Tasty, delicious, Yummy

こくがある (koku ga aru): have deep tastiness 


並 (nami なみ): ordinary, normal


上 (jō ジョー): upper, superior, higher level 


Reading: tokusen shōyu
Meaning:  Specially selected shōyu

特 (toku トク): special
選 (sen セン): selection  -選ぶ(erabu えらぶ): to select

醤油 (shōyu しょうゆ): soy sauce


Reading: hanmori
Meaning:  half-size

半 (han ハン): half
盛 (moru もる,  mori もり): serving


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