Kanji On the Street Actual Version #1

Japanese Street signboard lesson

Introducing Japanese signboard from outside, the actual field. 🙂

Video: Kanji on the Real Street #1

Kanji introduced this time

英会話 えいかいわ

Reading: Eikaiwa (pronunce: ēkaiwa)
Meaning: English conversation

英 (ei) English -> 英語(ēgo), also represent a country Great Britain -> 英国 (ēkoku)
会  (kai カイ) to meet -> 会う(au, あう)
話  (wa ワ) to talk  -> 話す (hanasu はなす) (言 means word(s), 舌 means tongue)
会話 (kaiwa かいわ) means conversation

月太郎 つきたろう

Reading: Tsukitarō
Meaning: moon Tarō (name of the ramen shop)

月 (tsuki つき) moon
太郎 (tarō たろう) -> a popular boy’s name (in old time)

駐輪禁止 ちゅうりんきんし

Reading: chūrin kinshi
Meaning: Parking (bicycle) prohibited

駐 (chūチュウ)to park, to station
輪 (rin リン) wheel
駐輪 (chūrin チュウリン) -> parking bicycle  *駐車 (chūsha チュウシャ) -> parking (car)
禁 (kin キン)ban, prohibition
止 (shi シ)stop -> 止まる (tomaru, とまる) to stop (intransitive verb) /止める (tomeru, とめる) to stop (transitive verb)
禁止 (kinshi キンシ) prohibition

宅急便 たっきゅうびん

Reading: takkyūbin
Meaning: express home delivery, courier service

宅 (tattu タッ) home, residence -> 自宅 (jitaku じたく):one’s own home
急 (kyū キュウ) hurry, sudden -> 急ぐ (isogu いそぐ): to hurry
便 (bin ビン)  service, delivery, mail, post, flight#, rail#, ship# / 便(ベン): feces


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