Japanese raccoon figure’s 8 Lucky items

Have you ever seen this Japanese raccoon (Tanuki たぬき)figure?

You may be spotted the raccoon figure in front of restaurants, Izakaya, inns, shops, etc. in Japan.
This is “Shigarakiyaki”, a pottery made in Kōga city in Shiga prefecture.
It is said that this figure invites good fortune as he has 8 lucky items which reminds you the important elements of being a successful merchant.

Can you tell what are they?

Photo: https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/mtada33/9833732.html

1、笠(かさ)- The Hat
The big hat protects you from disasters. Be prepare regularly.

2、大きな目 – Big eyes
Big eyes can look through others and can judge correctly. Also be attentive, has consideration to others.

3、笑顔 – Smile
Don’t forget to smile.

4、大きなお腹 – Big belly 
Shall have calmness and boldness.

5、通い帳(かよいちょう)- Passbook
Credibility is important. Build a trustworthy relationship.

6、金袋(かなぶくろ) – Moneybag
Have a economic fortune.  (testicles in slung term of Japanese is 金玉 (gold ball))

7、太い尻尾  – Big tail
All is well that ends well.

8、お酒(徳利/とっくり)- Sake bottle
Let’s have a natural virtue. (In Japan, we have a word called “nominucation”. Nomu means to drink in Japanese).
Drink and make communication with people.

Source: http://paranet1.blogspot.jp/2013/07/tanuki-hassouengi.html

Besides these 8 fortunes, Tanuki (Japanese raccoon) the word itself has similar sounds as 他抜き- excel others.
So it’s considered a lucky item for merchants.

Would you like to have one at home?
Thank you for reading. 🙂

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