How to express your feelings in Japanese


You can learn how to express your feelings in Japanese!
Let’s Learn Japanese Adjectives!

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  1. Akimi Keita on


    I want to ask, if you have a text form of casual japanese audio lessons? It would be useful, because I really don’t speak english, and text form would be better.

    And, how to say “I have to go”, or basicaly “I have to – “? If it’s in your course, I’m sorry.

  2. おはよう Akimiさん!

    Perhaps this is what you were looking for

    But you need to login with your email account or with your facebook account.

    About your questions, If you want to say if you are going to some place because you have to.
    わたし は 仕事 へ 行かなければ なりません
    watashi ha shigoto he ikanakereba narimasen.
    I have to go to the office

    I hope this answer your question, if not please let us know 🙂

  3. Akimi Keita on

    And, I saw somewhere a skype lessons.

    Do you organize this lessons too? Thank you. 😀

    I’m sorry for being bother… 😀