Hirosaki Sakura Festival 弘前桜まつり

Hirosaki Sakura Festival 弘前桜まつり

Hirosaki Sakura Festival (弘前桜まつり)2017.

Sakura season has just over in Aomori prefecture. This video highlights the best shots of Hirosaki castle park’s sakura!

Next year 2018, Hirosaki park’s 100th Sakura festival. So cannot miss it! Plan your trip to Hirosaki, Japan next year spring!
For viewing Sakura, this park is highly recommended
There are about 2,600 Sakura trees, and they are extremely gorgeous! Probably, it’s one of the best Sakura festivals in Japan, personally I felt it’s my best Sakura festival ever!  You can walk through a cherry blossoms tunnel and enjoy the view from a boat in the castle’s west moat.
It takes about 2hrs (actually it took me more than that!) to walk around the castle park.
and.. it’s more than cherry trees, they have entertaining events too! which is very amusing!

Location: Hirosaki Castle Park
Duration: April 22 – May 7 (May slightly change by year)

JR Hirosaki locates 40 mins by train from Aomori station. To get to Hirosaki Castle park, take a loop bus (100 yen) from bus terminal in front of Hirosaki station or walk about 30 mins from the station.

As this place locates a little country side, it would be ideal to learn basic Japanese for you to enjoy Japan fully

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Useful information traveling Hirosaki city: