Complete Hiragana Workbook

How to Use

This Complete Hiragana Workbook covers all you need for Hiragana self-study. The accompanied tutorial videos clarify each Hiragana character’s writing stroke order and its pronunciation.

Hiragana has 46 basic writing characters and 58 variations and combinations. Moreover, there are some special pronunciation and writing rules. You’ll learn all about Hiragana writing through this workbook and tutorial videos. Throughout this workbook, over 100 words are introduced.

To make the most of your study, I recommend you go through each lesson in the same order as this workbook.

  • Step 1
    Print out all of this Hiragana Workbook.
  • Step 2
    Look at the Katakana Chart (page 4) and grasp the total picture of Hiragana
  • Step 3
    Watch video tutorials and practise writing and pronouncing each Hiragana letter. Do exercise accordingly.
  • Step 4
    Play with Flashcards and Flashcard videos every day.

OK, let’s watch Hiragana Introduction Video now! 😛