Hina Festival – What Japanese do?

Hina Festival – What Japanese do?

Today, March 3rd is Hina festival  (“Hina matsuri” in Japanese).

This it the Girls’ festival once a year (and for boys, it’s May 5th).
Although it’s not a national holiday event, you might wondering what Japanese do on this day.
For a family with daughter(s), the parents and grand parents will celebrate for her(s).

So what we do on March 3rd!?

The purpose of this day is to cherish and pray for girls in a family to grow up healthy
by decorating special dolls (so called Hina dolls) eating and drinking. We have special sweets for this day too.
like Hishi-mochi, Hina-arare, Hina-cake, etc.







Some of family might invite the daughters’ friends as well, and in this case, something like a home party.

For daughters who grown up already (maybe 20+ over, it depends) won’t do anything specially.
Of course, it’s quite depend on each family though 🙂

What Japanese do on Hatsu-sekku (baby’s first annual festival )!?

We call “Hatsu sekku” for the first annual festival for a baby in a family.
For girls, it’s March 3rd called “Momo (=peach) no sekku”.
Many parents may want to make their daughters wear Kimono. And of course take photos of their daughter with Hina dolls.
How to celebrate this Hina festival is quite depend on each family.

By the way, I noticed Google also celebrate this girl’s Day!
Thank you Google!

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