Golden week is coming soon!

Golden week is coming soon!

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Have you heard, “Golden Week”?

So what is Golden Week? Is it a shiny week?

Yes, everyone looking for a long holiday, right? There are consecutive national holidays from end of April to beginning of May. Here is the list:

29 April: 昭和の日 Shōwa no hi. – Shōwa Day (Shōwa Emperor (the formar Emperor)’s birthday)
3 May: 建国記念日 Kenkoku kinen bi. -National Foundation Day
4 May: みどりの日 Midori no hi. -Greenery Day (to cherish Nature)
On Greenery Day, many national parks open for public for free so that national citizens can enjoy the nature.
5 May: 子供の日 Kodomo no hi. – Children Day

In 2017, 29 April falls on Sat, so unfortunately it’s not really a consecutive holiday for office workers in April. May 1 and 2 are working days though, 3-5 May + Sat and Sunday (6-7) are consecutive holidays.  It’s depend on the year which day falls on which day of the week. If national holiday fall on Sunday, the following Monday will be a compensatory holiday, but Saturday is not applicable to this rule.

So What Japanese do on Golden Week?

Many Japanese travel during Golden week. If you use 2 paid holidays, you’ll have 9 consecutive holidays in 2017. Flight fare will go up during this holiday season.
Not all Japanese go traveling during Golden week though. Some are just spend time relaxing at home or go camping, etc.

On May 5th, is Children Day, which is the last day of Golden week and designated as a national holiday in 1948 wishing for the children’s growth and happiness as well as showing appreciation to their mother.
On this day, Japanese (especially a family with kids) display 五月人形 (gogatsu ningyoo – “May doll”- which is mainly Kabuto -armor and 鯉のぼり (koi nobori – “climbing carp)  which represents a healthy family members and wishing for children’s growth and success.

gotatsu ningyo (yoroi kabuto)



And of course, we have special sweets on this Children Day. 柏餅 –kashiwa mochi, sweet sticky rice with read bean filling covered with oak tree leaf. 🙂 🙂

Kashiwa mochi