Equinox Days are Japanese national holidays. Why?


今日、3月20日は春分の日です。Today, Mar 20 is Vernal Equinox Day, and National Holiday in Japan. (Every ear, either 20th or 21st of March, which is depending on the year, due to Gregorian calendar)

Vernal Equinox Day and Autumn Equinox Day are Japanese National Holidays.
Even some Japanese wonders why these days are the national holidays, and what for?
So I searched internet 😉

Why Vernal Equinox Day is a National Holiday?

We have a custom called “Ohigan”, which is reaching to the other side (his side – the state of enlightenment), for those who practice Buddhist asceticisms.  However the term we use “Ohigan” nowadays is rather referring to our custom visiting cemetery. Japanese dictionary says: Ohigan is Equinoctial week (when Buddhist services are held): two periods of seven days with the middle day falling on the spring or autumn equinox

According to the Japanese Law on National Holidays, defined as follows:
Vernal Equinox Day – Respect nature and cherish living creatures.
Autumn Equinox Day – Respect ancestors and remember the deceased.

I found this beautiful. In Japan, finally we can feel spring these days. Enjoy this beautiful season!
Well, it seems blooming Sakura is a bit later than last year by few days.

Forecast of Cherry blossom blooming in 2017:

– Fukuoka  3/24 (start) 4/5 (full)
– Osaka  4/1 (start)  4/9 (full)
– Tokyo  3/24 (start)  4/2 (full)
– Aomori 4/25 (start)  4/29 (full)

I personally finds Spring is the best season to visit japan!
If you cannot visit so soon, Aomori (Hirosaki park) is highly recommended. 🙂

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Looking forward your visit to Japan!



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