Eel Eating Day ~ 土用の丑の日 ~

明日、7月29日は土用の丑の日(doyoo no ushi no hi)です。

This year, tomorrow 29 July falls on “Doyoo no ushi no hi”. Customarily Japanese eat eel on this day.
I only know this day as “eel eating day”.. :p

Around this time, hot and humid most of the days. So we eat nutritious eel to get stamina to beat the summer heat.
You can find “unagi no kaba-yaki” (broiled eel with sweet soy source) sold at local supermarkets.
You can also go to Japanese restaurant, or special river fish cuisine or “Unagi-ya” restaurant for eel dish.  🙂

Is eel river fish?

川魚料理:River fish cuisine


うな重:Unajuu:eel with rice in a box


肝吸い:kimosui (eel’s liver soup)

green tea

green tea

Ebis san

Ebisu san


Kakejiku (hanging scroll)

The restaurant has very nice ambience to eat eel.
Totemo oishikatta desu! (it was very delicious!)
Please try eel dish if you have chance. 🙂


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