Customer Service Japanese ~Restaurants~

Japanese phrases in a restaurant

Ohayō gozaimasu! Kyo wa iitenki desu!
Good morning!

Today’s YouTube Live lesson topic is Customer Service Japanese ~Restaurants.
Have you been to a restaurant in Japan?
If so, I bet you were treated very well. Because in Japan, we have a culture of “Customers are Gods”. お客様は神様です。(okyaku-sama wa kamisama desu.)

Well, in this lesson, I introduced common Japanese phrases that you’ll hear at Japanese restaurants.
Please note that they use very polite Japanese, usually “honorific form”, which is even politer than “~desu/~masu” form of Japanese.

Let’s find it out!

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Here are the dialogue scripts in the lesson: (introducing in chronological order ~as you’ll hear in a restaurant)

いらっしゃいませ Irasshai mase

A waiter/waitress will greet you, but you don’t need to reply to it. 🙂


何名様ですか。Nanmē-sama desu ka?

How many are you?
To reply, 1人です。Hitori desu. for one person, 2人です Futari desu. for two people,  3人です。San-nin desu. for three people…


おタバコは おすいに なられますか。Otabako wa osui ni narare masu ka?

Would you smoke cigarettes? (*tabako o suimasu: Smoke a cigarette)

You might be heard as おタバコは すわれますか。otabako wa suwaremasu ka? for the same meaning as above.


禁煙席と喫煙席どちらがよろしいでしょうKinenseki to kitsuenseki, dochira ga yoroshii deshoo ka?

Non-smoking seat or smoking seat, which would you prefer?


こちら どうぞKochira e doozo.

Please come this way.


ご注文は。gochuumon wa?

May I take your order? (What is your order? (literal translation)).


メニュー お決まりになりましたら、お呼びくださいMenuu ga okimari ni narimashitara, oyobikudasai.

Once you decide your menu, please call me.



calling a waiter in Japanese restaurants
Excuse me.
When we call a waiter/waitress at a restaurant in Japan, we say “sumimasen”
* There are three meanings for “sumimasen”; Excuse me, Thank you and I’m sorry, depending on the context.
For details, please check the video 🙂
btw, waiter/waitress in Japanese is 店員さん tenin-san. or ウエイター/ウエイトレス waiter/waitress.

Well, as I mentioned in the video.. if you go to a family restaurant, you just press a bell at the table to call a waiter/waitress.


〇〇を1つXXを2つ ください。(おねがいしますOO o hitotsu to, XX o futatsu kudasai.

Please give me one 〇〇 and two XX.
– ください kudasai means “please give me”.
– おねがいします “onegaishimasu means “please” (when making requests).


かしこまりましたKashikomari mashita.

Certainly, sir.


お会計、おねがいします。okaikē, onegai shimasu.

Bill please.
You could also say: お勘定、おねがいします。okanjo, onegai shimasu.


お会計 ご一緒で? Okaikē wa goissho de?

The full sentence is Okaikē wa goissho de yoroshii deshoo ka?
Is it okay to pay the bill together?


別々でお願いします。 Betsu betsu de onegai shimasu.

Please split the bill.


ありがとうございました。また おこしください。 Arigatō gozaimashita. Mata okoshi kudasai.

Thank you very much. Please come again.

Please check the full explanation with cultural background explanations in the video 🙂


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