Catchy Useful Japanese Words

Catchy Japanese Words

Minasan Konnichiwa!

Today’s YouTube Live lesson is “Catchy Useful Japanese Words”.
There are many catchy repeating Japanese words like “doki-doki”, “waku-waku”, etc.
Let’s find out more!

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Here are the words I introduced in the lesson:

  • まだまだ mada-mada
  • そろそろ soro-soro
  • どきどき doki-doki
  • くよくよ kuyo-kuyo
  • るんるん run-run
  • らんらん ran-ran
  • ぜーぜー  zē zē
  • はーはー  hā hā
  • ひーひー  hī hī
  • ぎゃーぎゃー  gyā gyā

If you don’t know any of them, please check the lesson video 😉
I explained each word’s meaning and usage with example phrases.

Actually, the above are just a few examples. There are many more catchy useful phrases!
Well, most of them are so called gion-go (onomatopoeia -sound imitation words) and gitai-go (mimetic words).

Thank you so much for joining my lesson today!
If you want to learn more Japanese, join my online course 🙂

Yoi ichinichi o!
(Have a nice day!)


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