Byakugouji’s Fuji (Wisteria) Festival

Witness a majestic sight this spring in Japan – delicate fuji (藤) wisteria cascading from the branches like purple ribbons, decorating some of the most beautiful places. Gather with many others to experience one such spectacular display at Byakugouji (白毫寺) Temple, located in Tanba City!

Here is the live video on 4 May, Greenery Day in Japan!

Looking for an enchanting experience just a short 1-hour drive from Kobe? Byakugouji (白毫寺) Temple awaits your visit! Take the journey to this picturesque destination, where you can explore its stunning temple grounds and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese culture.
byakugoji temple Wisteria festival
During our visit on a special Golden Week holiday, we were treated to the sight of Japan’s colors flying proudly!
Japan flag

You can buy tickets at the entrance. Adult ticket is 300 yen!

Crowds gathered around the mysterious Mani-guruma(マニ車), a powerful black stone wheel said to provide one full chant’s worth of spiritual benefits with each revolution. People were eager to experience its power firsthand and reveled in their optimistic expectations!

Spring had a special surprise in store as the maple trees around the temple grounds burst into vibrant shades of red, creating a stunning contrast with its surrounding lush greenery. It was an amazing sight to behold!
Fuji Byakugouji
Tucked away in the encircling arms of mountain peaks, a magical festival flourished. It was a beautiful sight to behold!

Spotted a group from Vietnam with pretty Aozai 🙂  They come to take pictures beneath the purple blossoms.

The endless hanging strands of fuji blossoms are so beautiful. The smell fresh, too!

There were many food and drink stalls. As the fragrant aroma of freshly-made mochi wafted from one booth, two men took turns pounding and kneading away in perfect synchronization. Every 20 minutes they interchanged positions to create a delicious treat for all those looking to indulge their sweet tooth!

This was my first time seeing fuji in person, and it was such a lovely day! If you come to Japan in the Spring, I definitely recommend you find a popular spot to see the fuji flowers in full bloom!

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Want to see this fuji festival in person? Watch our Facebook live here!
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