Byakugouji's Fuji (Wisteria) Festival

Springtime in Japan isn’t only about cherry blossoms – in fact, fuji (藤 ふじ), or wisteria in English, is a beautiful purple flower that blooms in long hanging strands. People gather in many places all around Japan to witness these beautiful blossoms in person. One popular spot is Byakugouji (白毫寺) Temple in Tanba City.

Here is the live video on 4 May, Greenery Day in Japan!

Byakugouji ( 白毫寺) Temple is a short drive about 1hr on highway from Kobe in Hyogo, Japan. Visitors come by car or tourism bus to spend a few hours wandering around the temple grounds.

Because we visited on a national holiday during Golden Week, the Japanese flag was flying high!
Japan flag

You can buy tickets at the entrance. Adult ticket is 300 yen!

People were lining up to roll this black stone wheel called Mani-guruma(マニ車). Apparently, by turning the wheel in one full rotation, you receive the equivalent of one chant’s worth of benefits.

The temple grounds are very beautiful! It’s still spring, yet the momiji trees were red, as if it was fall! The green leaves and the bright red leaves were a striking combination.
Fuji Byakugouji
The festival was held in a small clearing in the middle of some mountains. It was a beautiful sight!

Spotted a group from Vietnam with pretty Aozai 🙂  They come to take pictures beneath the purple blossoms.

The endless hanging strands of fuji blossoms are so beautiful. The smell fresh, too!

There were many booths selling food and drinks. One booth sold freshly-made mochi. Every 20 minutes, these two men would come out front and work together to pound the mochi mixture.

This was my first time seeing fuji in person, and it was such a lovely day! If you come to Japan in the Spring, I definitely recommend you find a popular spot to see the fuji flowers in full bloom!

Want to see this fuji festival in person? Watch our Facebook live here!
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