Autumn of …  ○ ○ の秋

Words for autumn in Japan 🙂 


Shokuyoku no aki

Now the season is autumn, and  there are many “Autumn of xx ” in Japan such as..

読書の秋 Dokusho no aki  – Autumn of reading
They say autumn is the best season for reading due to longer night hours.

実りの秋 Minori no aki – Autumn of harvesting
Yes, autumn is the harvest season! Many fruits and crops are harvested.

食欲の秋 Shokuyoku no aki – Autumn of appetite
I love this the most. There are lots of delicious food out there thanks to harvesting season. 🙂
Our appetite grow accordingly.

芸術の秋 Geijyutsu no aki – Autumn of Art
Cooling weather is ideal for creative activities which require concentration.

スポーツの秋 Supootsu no aki – Autumn of sports/exercise
This is, probably related to the fact that people feel like exercise in cooler season in autumn, compare to hot summer.
Government recommends us for playing sports and we have “Sports Day” -National holiday on the second Monday in October.

Which of “autumn” would you like to practice?
Enjoy cooling weather and long nights!


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