Japanglish Katakana Words

Japanglish Katakana Words

Minasan Konnichiwa! みなさん、こんにちは! Today’s YT Live lesson topic was “Japanglish Katakana Words”. Many Japanese think that the origin of the majority Katakana words are English, but it’s not always true. It could be French, German, Spanish or even just “made up” made-in-Japan Katakana words. So you might be confused when you hear the Japanese speak such Katakana words with confidence. … Read More

Lost in Translation ~ trap of direct translation

lost in translation

Minasan Ohayoo gozaimasu! みなさん、おはようございます! Today’s YT Live lesson topic is “Lost in translation”. Directly translated phrases may not work or even provoke others sometimes. So you need to know the right phrases situation-by-situation basis. Let’s check out the common mistakes caused by the direct translation and learn the right expressions!

Asking direction in Japanese

Minasan Ogenki desuka? ここは今日も雨です。koko wa kyoo mo ame desu. Today is rain again here. ☔️ Today’s YT Live lesson topic is “Asking direction in Japanese”. Have you ever lost in Japan? If so, how did you manage to survive? In this lesson, I introduced useful phrases asking direction and must-know vocabularies and phrases in order to understand the responses by … Read More

How to take Onsen & Public bath in Japan

how to take onsen

Ohayō gozaimasu! Ogenki desuka? ここ数日、日本は大雨です。koko suujitsu, nihon wa ooame desu. In these days, heavy we had heavy rain in Japan. And it’s continuing. Today’s YT Live lesson topic is “How to take Onsen in Japan” Do you like Onsen? Roughly, there are three types of public bath; Sentō, Super sentō and Onsen in Japan. Let’s dig into the Japanese public … Read More

Japanese Birthday Party Phrases

Japanese birthday phrases

Ohayō gozaimasu! Kyoo wa ichinichi-juu ame desu. 🌧 Good morning! It will be rain all day today. Today’s YT Live lesson topic is “Japanese Birthday Party Phrases” Have you attended Japanese birthday party before? Japanese birthday celebration is a bit different style from other countries. Let’s check it out!

Let’s Shop in Japan in Japanese!

shop in Japan in Japanese

Ohayō gozaimasu! Kyoo mo atsui desu.🥵️ Good morning! It’s hot here today too. Today’s YT Live lesson topic is “Let’s shop in Japan in Japanese!” Have you shopped in Japan before? Do you know how to ask the different size or different color of an item? I also introduced about the color names too. Let’s check it out!

Customer Service Japanese ~Restaurants~

Japanese phrases in a restaurant

Ohayō gozaimasu! Kyo wa iitenki desu! Good morning! Today’s YouTube Live lesson topic is Customer Service Japanese ~Restaurants. Have you been to a restaurant in Japan? If so, I bet you were treated very well. Because in Japan, we have a culture of “Customers are Gods”. お客様は神様です。(okyaku-sama wa kamisama desu.) Well, in this lesson, I introduced common Japanese phrases that … Read More

Learn Japanese with Anime | YT Live #11

Learn Japanese with Anime

Minasan Ohayō gozaimasu! Good morning, everyone! Today’s YouTube Live lesson was Learn Japanese with Anime. Have you watched Japanese anime before? Do you think the ordinary Japanese people talk like anime characters? Do you think just watching Anime improves your Japanese skills? Let’s find it out more!

Introduction to Japanese Proverbs

Japanese Proverbs

Minasan Ohayō gozaimasu! Good morning, everyone! Today’s YouTube Live lesson is Japanese Proverbs. It’s good way to learn new Japanese vocabularies and culture. Also, it would be fun to compare Japanese proverbs and proverbs in your country! 🙂

Catchy Useful Japanese Words

Catchy Japanese Words

Minasan Konnichiwa! Today’s YouTube Live lesson is “Catchy Useful Japanese Words”. There are many catchy repeating Japanese words like “doki-doki”, “waku-waku”, etc. Let’s find out more!