Learn Japanese with Anime | YT Live #11

Learn Japanese with Anime

Minasan Ohayō gozaimasu! Good morning, everyone! Today’s YouTube Live lesson was Learn Japanese with Anime. Have you watched Japanese anime before? Do you think the ordinary Japanese people talk like anime characters? Do you think just watching Anime improves your Japanese skills? Let’s find it out more!

Introduction to Japanese Proverbs

Japanese Proverbs

Minasan Ohayō gozaimasu! Good morning, everyone! Today’s YouTube Live lesson is Japanese Proverbs. It’s good way to learn new Japanese vocabularies and culture. Also, it would be fun to compare Japanese proverbs and proverbs in your country! šŸ™‚

Catchy Useful Japanese Words

Catchy Japanese Words

Minasan Konnichiwa! Today’s YouTube Live lesson is “Catchy Useful Japanese Words”. There are many catchy repeating Japanese words like “doki-doki”, “waku-waku”, etc. Let’s find out more!

ę„Ÿč¬ć®čØ€č‘‰ Kansha no kotoba: Appreciation words in Japanese

Japanese Appreciation Words

Have you heard of “Power of appreciation or gratitude”? To receive help from Japanese, showing gratitude in advance works! Let’s learn variety of useful Japanese thank you words! This is YouTube Live lesson on 1 June 2020 – YT Japanese Live Lessons on every Mon & Wed 9am JST. Please turn in if you like šŸ™‚Ā Ā  Here are the words … Read More

Japanese PM declared the State of Emergency on 7 April 2020

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe declared the State of Emergency

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe declared the State of Emergency on 7 April 2020. He started his speech with appreciation towards the citizen for their support to the nation. Whether Japan can survive without medical care breakdown or not is depends on the behavior of each of us. The declaration authorizes the governors in the seven prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, … Read More

Secrets of a Japanese Ninja Warrior

Secret of Ninja

If there was one group of warriors that produced more myth and exaggeration and shrouded in so much mystery, it would be the ninja. The word ninjaļ¼ˆåæč€…, or its alternative name shinobi, appears throughout historical accounts in the context of secret intelligence gathering or stealthy assassinations carried out by martial-arts experts.

All About Particles | Japanese particles for JLPT N5 explained

Minasan Konnichiwa! 恋恚恈恧恙怂 ć‚ć‘ć¾ć—ć¦ćŠć‚ć§ćØć†ć”ć–ć„ć¾ć™ļ¼2020å¹“ćŒćÆć˜ć¾ć‚Šć¾ć—ćŸć€‚ćæćŖ恕悓恄恋恌恊過恔恗恧恙恋怂 A Happy New Year! Year of 2020 has started. How are you doing? ä»Šå›žć®ćƒ“ćƒ‡ć‚ŖćÆć€åŠ©č©žć«ć¤ć„ć¦ć§ć™ć€‚ konkai no video wa joshi ni tsuite desu. Today’s video is about Japanese particles. How many Japanese particles are there? I know many Japanese learner struggle with particles. Particles makes unique about Japanese language. In this video I explained 25 different particles … Read More

L20 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes

Minna no Nihongo Grammar Lesson 20

Akemashite Omedetoo gozaimasu! A Happy New Year! Here is the L20 Minna no Nihongo Lesson Notes. We’ve learnt Casual Conversation in this lesson. For verb, we use Plain form. Here are the Lesson contents: Casual Conversation ā‘  Plain form of verb Verb3: ćć¾ć™ā†’ćć‚‹/恓ćŖ恄/恍恟/恓ćŖć‹ć£ćŸć€€ć€€ć—ć¾ć™ā†’ 恙悋/恗ćŖ恄/恗恟/恗ćŖć‹ć£ćŸ 怀怀Verb2:Ā  ćŸć¹ć¾ć™ā†’ ćŸć¹ć‚‹/ćŸć¹ćŖ恄/ćŸć¹ćŸ/ćŸć¹ćŖć‹ć£ćŸć€€ć€€ Verb1:Ā  ć‹ćć¾ć™ā†’ 恋恏/恋恋ćŖ恄/恋恄恟/恋恋ćŖć‹ć£ćŸ ā‘” Plain form of 恄-adj. e.g.Ā Ā  恗悍恄ā†’ 恗悍恄/恗悍恏ćŖ恄/ć—ć‚ć‹ć£ćŸ/恗悍恏ćŖć‹ć£ćŸ ā‘¢ Plain … Read More

4. Basic Hiragana Chart (Audio)

Each Japanese syllable is made up of either a single vowel: a,i,u,e and o or a combination of a consonant plus a vowel. The only exception is the n, m or ŋ sound which is represented by the character 悓.

3. Japanese Alphabets

Japanese alphabet

There are three types of Japanese letters:Ā Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. In this section, the history and the role of each Japanese script are introduced.