5 Most Popular Tourist Places of Japan

Thought you wanted know the most visited or popular attractions  for foreign tourist in Japan, check out this page by TripAdvisor. But since the page is in Japanese, I will gladly put the list in this page in English. So I’ll try to put put 5 places and the rest will be posted next time :), so please Enjoy! 1. Fushimi Inari-taisha … Read More

Women’s Right in Japan

Representative Ayaka Shiomura was looking to help women with reproductive difficulties as one way of solving the city’s demographic challenge.

How to eat Zaru-Soba

Have you eaten Soba in Japan? Especially you might wonder how to eat Zaru-soba (cold soba on “zaru” -bamboo sieve basket) or Mori-soba (cold soba on a plate) for the first time. So here showing you how to eat cold soba 😉

How to write “Jane” in Japanese Kanji

This is KanjiMe video Showing how to write “Jane” in Japanese Katakana and Kanji. Please Enjoy! 🙂 Japanese Kanji Lessons: https://courses.learnjapanese123.com/