Adachi museum – No.1 Japanese garden for 12 years in a row

Ohayoo gozaimasu!
Today’s photo is Adachi museum, Shimane prefecture.

adachi m2

Header photo:

This Adachi Museum of Art exhibits  Japanese paintings mainly, and has extremely beautiful Japanese garden.
“The Adachi Museum’s gardens have been ranked as number one in the “2014 Japanese Garden Ranking,” and this marks the 12th consecutive year in the number one spot. The ranking includes more than 900 places throughout Japan, including historical sites, and was compiled by the Journal of Japanese Gardening, a US magazine that focuses on Japanese gardens.”              –

From Izumo Taisha (see yesterday’s blog post) to this Adachi Museum of Art takes about 1.5 hrs by car and 2.5 hrs by train. They are in the same prefecture, Shimane, so when visit Izumo taisha, you cannot miss this Adachi Museum!