10 Best Rose Gardens in Japan

nakanoshima rose garden
nakanoshima rose garden

Do you like rose? Rose in Japanese is バラ 薔薇 bara 🌹
If you plan to visit Japan during rose season (May-June or Oct-Nov), please check the below rose viewing spots in Japan in advance! 

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The Language of Flower: Rose
〜バラの花言葉 bara no hanakotoba

The language of the rose flower is “Love” and “Beauty”.
The red rose is affection, beauty, passion and passionate love and “I love you”.
The white rose language is purity and deep respect.
The pink rose language is calm, elegant and impression.

Hope you’ll find your favorite roses in Japan. 

10 Best places to see the Rose flower in Japan

Japan’s popular rose gardens are introduced here.

Nakanoshima Park Rose Garden, Osaka

nakanoshima rose garden

The largest rose garden in Osaka city. There are 310 kinds 3,700 roses bloom in 500m length 13,000 ㎡. It’s like an oasis in the big city!
Admission free, open 24hrs.

> I did FB Live in the evening. 
Night Roses are also beautiful and mesmerizing! 

night roses Osaka

Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo city, Chiba

Keisei Rose Garden is a very popular Rose Garden with 1,500 varieties 10,000 roses. The management company of this garden is one of the world’s leading rose-breeding companies and introduces famous overseas roses to Japan. There is also a shop selling perfumes and rose-scented teas. You can purchase the roses from the garden. It is a 15-minute walk from Yachiyo Midorigaoka Station on the Toyo Rapid Railway Line. The best season to visit is mid-May to early June, and mid-October to early November. Opening hours and entrance fee vary depending on the season. Please check the Keisei Rose Garden home page.

Ikuta-ryokuchi Rose Garden, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa 

The garden location is surrounded by the trees of the Tama Hills. 530 varieties 4700 roses bloom in spring, and 440 varieties 4,000 roses bloom in autumn.
Admission free. Volunteer citizens maintain the garden and the facilities.

Kawazu Bagatelle Park, Kawazu-cho, Shizuoka

Kawazu Bagatelle Garden is a France style rose garden opened in 2001 as a sister garden of Bagatelle park in Paris. There are about 1,100 types 6,000 roses in 3ha land. There are shops and a cafe in the garden. Opening hours and entrance fee vary depending on the season. Please check Kawazu Bagatelle Garden website.

Ryosenji Temple Rose Garden, Nara city, Nara

About 200 kinds 2,000 roses bloom in May-June and Oct-Nov every year in the Temple garden. There is a tea terrace Priere where you can eat rose shaped ice cream, rose jerry and rose tea. The opening hour of the tea terrace is 10:00am~4:00pm, opens during rose season only.
Admission free. The temple website (Japanese) here.

Tottori Flower Park, Nambu-cho, Tottori

One of the largest flower parks (about 50 ha) in Japan located at the foot of Mt. Daisen. You can enjoy flower and nature all year round.

There are 200 kinds, 1,000 roses are planted. Illumination during weekend night time. For the opening hours and entrance fee, please check at  The Tottori flower garden website here (English).

Rose Garden, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima

Roses have been planted after the war by citizens since 1965 in order to bring back the peace and cheer the people of Fukuyama city. 

There are 280 kinds, 5,500 roses bloom every year. Fukuyama rose festival –Fukuyama Bara Matsuri will be held in every mid-May. 
Admission free, open 24 hrs.

Yoshiumi Rose Park, Imabari-city, Ehime

Located at Oshima island in Shimanami-kaidō sea route in Ehime prefecture, Yoshiumi Rose Park hosts 400 varieties and 3,500 rose bushes on about 2.8 ha site. Rose festival is held in late May every year. You can also purchase rose seedlings and mini-roses at the nearby shop.
Admission free. 

Yufuin Hotel Morino Terrace, Yufu-city, Oita
(湯布院ホテル森のテラス -ローズガーデン)【大分県由布市】

It’s an hand-made rose garden owned by Yufuin Hotel Mori no Terrace. About 300 varieties roses bloom in 0.5 ha site. 
Admission free. 

Kanoya Rose Garden, Kaya-city, Kagoshima

Situated at the hilltop, Kanoya Rose Garden is the largest rose garden in Japan with 35,000 roses on a vast 8ha site. Kanoya Rose Festival is held during the rose seasons in early May and October every year. 
Please check the opening house and admission fee from the official website here.

Summary ~ Rose gardens in Japan

Now do you feel like building your own rose garden at home? 
Well, if you have chance to visit Japan in May or October, why don’t you drop by any of these rose gardens? It will definitely brighten up your feeling!🌹 

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